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Chapter 32 Letting Him Stay

  • "So Ms Rivera, tell me more about yourself and your family." Celeste looked at the direction from where the words came from and found it was Benhan Lloyd. He was smiling at her while waiting for her answer. Suddenly the room filled with a chilling aura and Liam's whole body turned cold. He silently glared at his food without eating. Celeste didn’t notice the change in Liam's expression and smiled at Benham softly before answering.
  • "Well there's nothing special about me to mention. I'm just an ordinary person who moved here 8 months ago for work and I have no one to call a family." Celeste finished with a soft smile. Benham looked at her with a sympathetic smile which Celeste hated. Meanwhile Liam sat there feeling numb. He didn’t know why, when she said she had no one to call a family pained him. It made him feel suffocated.
  • "You are my family."
  • Thank you for giving me this beautiful family!"
  • You made my dream of having a true family come true!"
  • Her words from a year ago filled with laughter, gratitude and happiness haunted him. He didn’t know why he felt like that but he wanted those feelings to stop bothering him.
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