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Chapter 46 New Home

  • "At least now tell me where you are taking me?" Celeste asked again in an impatient voice making Liam chuckle. Hearing him chuckle at her misery Celeste couldn’t help but glare at him even though she couldn’t see because of the blindfold he had put on her eyes.
  • "Just ten more minutes, I promise." Liam said with a smile as he held her hands. The driver who was driving the car smiled at himself as he heard their conversation.
  • "You have said that from the past three hours." Celeste said in a childish voice as she slowly leaned towards Liam and he held her close to him.
  • "It's been only 20 minutes Celeste." Liam looked at her before he answered her with another chuckle making Celeste scoff.
  • "Whatever both are the same when you are excited." Celeste said with a grin while looking up at him. Liam shook his head in amusement.
  • It had been a month since that night when Celeste and Liam had their confession. Celeste had been staying in the mansion with Liam and his parents. She had been really happy from the past month as she again experienced Liam's gentleness and care towards her. But this time it made her more happy knowing he had loved her. Even though she had her doubts but in the past month all that slowly started to fade away with his love and care. Also Clarissa and Andrew gave her all their love making her feel at home. She didn’t know when was the last time she was that happy.
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