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Chapter 20 Birthday Party+ How Did She Find Out?

  • In the evening the Rodriguez arranged a small get together with their close friends and family members. In the meantime Celeste was talking to Diana over the phone and as she had called to greet her for her birthday. She invited Diana and Evan in the evening. Diana gladly agreed to come before they hung up the call. Celeste was about to go downstairs when someone knocked on the bedroom door. She said a come in when the door opened and Clarissa entered the room holding some boxes and packets. Celeste got up and smiled at her.
  • "Mom, what's the matter?" She asked confused when she found Clarissa placing everything on her bed. Hearing her question Clarissa looked at her and smiled before answering.
  • "There's a few dresses and jewelleries that I have brought for you. Come check them out and tell me if you like them or not." Clarissa said with a motherly voice while pulling Celeste to the right where she had placed all the things. Celeste was a bit surprised. She didn’t expect her mother in law to bring so many things for her. She felt warm in her heart thinking how much her mother in law loved and cared for her.
  • "Thank you mom. But you didn’t need to do so much for me." Celeste said while hugging her. Clarissa chuckled at her words and rubbed her back before pulling away.
  • "Of course I needed to do this. You are my favourite daughter in law after all." Clarissa said with a smile. They both smiled and started to check the things Clarissa had brought for Celeste. Unfortunately they were unaware of two chocolate brown eyes looking at them with hatred in them.
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