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Chapter 9

  • In as much as Jayda was going through something delicate that made her want to spend all day in bed and continue crying where she left off, she had a job to attend to so that alone made her reluctantly get up from her bed as soon as her alarm buzzed. She did her morning rituals, changed into professional wear and exited her apartment.
  • Jayda was mute all day. She only opened her mouth to give one-word instructions or one-word answers. She was happy the work she had to do made her forget about the pregnancy, even though it was only for a while.
  • She had her cousin order lunch for her. Fortunately, she had some appetite today and she shed a tear when she remembered the food she was eating would be split into two. Half would go to her and the other half would go to the little human growing in her. She could not believe a baby was growing inside her and most of all, she knew nothing about being a mother.
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