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Chapter 45

  • The Next Day
  • Lilian was still fast asleep in her room when Jayda went to open the door for Roman. She had texted him the night before and pleaded for him to come over this morning and she was glad he heeded to her request.
  • "Why didn't you tell me anything?" Jayda accused.
  • Roman rubbed his palms together and let out some air.
  • "Lilian and I trust you, we know you will always be there for us. I honestly don't know why we never told you about it. I guess it was a shock to us and we were trying to deal with it in our own way to avoid pity. Had I known bringing the issue of a child will tamper with Lilian and I's relationship, I would have never said anything about it."
  • "She said you really want a child and she could see the desire in your eyes when you look at other people's children."
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