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Chapter 33

  • Sebastian rose to his feet. "Please let me explain." His voice came out almost like a whisper.
  • "There's nothing to explain, Sebastian. I regret accepting you into my life. Had I known, I should not have told you about my child. You were just using my innocent baby and me when you had your happy family elsewhere. A jerk and a bastard, that's what you truly are."
  • Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair, he couldn't believe they were back to this stage of their lives; A stage where she did nothing but call him silly names.
  • "Please trust me Jayda, I didn't know about Aaron until recently" He defended with tear-filled eyes and a broken voice.
  • "I will never make the mistake of trusting you again. The roses, notes, love text messages, gifts, chocolates, sweet gestures, everything was all a lie. You never loved me, you wanted to get into my pants and leave me broken so you can get your revenge on me for calling you names or throwing my heel at you."
  • "You know that's not true Jayda." Sebastian countered with a high pitched voice.
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