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Chapter 25

  • Jayda could not help with the smile that took over her face when she stared at herself in the mirror. The red dress Sebastian bought for her fitted her perfectly and with the little makeup she applied, she looked very beautiful, like Cinderella, waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive so they can proceed to the event.
  • Jayda had no doubt she looked like a bag of money. She had an expensive dress, jewellery, and shoes on.
  • But she was a little bit nervous. Never had she attended any charity event filled with only billionaires in the room. Zach had invited her on so many occasions when they were still dating but she would decline, using work as an excuse.
  • Jayda heaved a sigh, reached for her clutch which had her phone, credit card and a keycard to her apartment. Then she made her way to the living room to wait for Sebastian.
  • Before she could take a seat to relax a little, the doorbell rang. She went to answer it and came face to face with the most handsome man in the world. Her baby Daddy, her very own 'Sebby'. He was in his dark tailored suit, he had smiles on his face and was holding a bouquet of red roses.
  • Sebastian was blown away by the gorgeous angel who stood before him. He had asked Lilian for her clothes and shoe size before picking the outfit for her. Seb knew all the men at the event would have a hard time keeping their eyes off her but he will be by her side all through and give them the necessary glare they deserve, to make them understand that she was only his.
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