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Chapter 34

  • The Next Day
  • Unlike every other Tuesday, Jayda reluctantly stood up from her bed and prepared for work. She spent the whole of yesterday crying and sulking so she needed to catch up on so many work-related things that she didn't do yesterday.
  • She cleaned up, changed into a simple but elegant dress, covered her puffy eyes with some makeup and proceeded to the kitchen to make herself a toast. She had no appetite but forced herself to eat half of it and washed it down with some orange juice. She took her vitamins and then left for work.
  • Jayda stepped into her office building with a normal face when in all honesty, she was dying inside. She politely replied to the greetings of clients and staff and then made her way to her office to bury herself with work.
  • Unlike the previous days where Jayda would delegate her work to interns, she chose not to see any of them today and instead do everything that needed to be done on her own. Maybe she did that intentionally, not to cross paths with Olivia.
  • Jayda lost track of time that she almost could not believe when she took a glance at her watch and saw that it was almost 3:30 pm and she hadn't had lunch. Truthfully, she was still not hungry but she knew she had to eat something for the sake of her baby. So she told her secretary to order a late lunch for her.
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