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Chapter 14

  • After what seemed like forever, Sebastian calmed down a little. His eyes were puffy as a result of the tears shed. Vanessa wiped his tears with some tissue paper she got from her nightstand. Then she handed him a glass of water which he refused.
  • Vanessa took her son's hands in hers. "You can tell me everything now." She persuaded.
  • "I messed up Mom, I fucked up really bad." He said. Vanessa nodded, encouraging him to continue.
  • "I met Jayda five weeks ago, we met in a bar and ended up having a one night stand. She was different. I felt with her things I never felt for anyone; not even Susan who I thought was going to be the mother of my children."
  • "After that night I was cold to her, we had a fight the next morning. Up till today, a day has never passed that I haven't thought about her. Caleb advised me to go after her, apologize and make it up to her but I refused because I convinced myself that she was just like Susan."
  • "Jayda came to see me at the office yesterday. She said she was pregnant with my baby. She also showed me the test results which confirmed she conceived the night we spent together. But I denied being responsible for the pregnancy and accused her of making everything up. I told her she was lying and even if she was pregnant, the baby wasn't mine. I accused her of being after my money and said other horrible things which made her leave my office in anger."
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