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Chapter 32

  • As soon as Sebastian stepped into Jayda's apartment with the tubs of ice cream she asked him to buy, he was greeted with the aroma of his favourite food. For a while, he thought he had entered the wrong apartment. Then it hit him, it would be no other than Jayda that was cooking when she was meant to be on bed rest.
  • Seb groaned, making his way to the kitchen where he met Jayda, effortlessly doing her magic.
  • Jay's smile got wider as soon as she sighted Sebastian. She wiped her hands with a napkin, approached him, wrapped her arms around his neck, before standing on her toes and giving him a kiss on his lips.
  • "You were meant to be in bed." Seb accused.
  • "I took a long nap, I watched a movie then I was getting hungry so I decided to make dinner for us."
  • "You should have waited for me to come back to make dinner," Seb said.
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