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Chapter 49

  • Jayda had breakfast. Aaron also ate with her. Soon after, they were joined by Jayda's parents. Aaron was happy to see his other Grandma and Grandpa.
  • While the boys ( Sebastian, Albert, David and Aaron) settled on the sofa to drool over Ariella, Jayda and Sebastian's Mom sat with Jayda and engaged in conversations. Grace was seated on the right-hand side of Jayda's bed while Vanessa occupied the left-hand side.
  • "How does it feel to be a mom?" Grace asked her daughter.
  • "Weird, but amazing! I mean, I've been a mom since the first day I met Aaron but Ariella's birth has definitely changed me for the better."
  • "But Mom, you didn't tell me how painful labour can be." Jayda accused Grace.
  • Vanessa chuckled, "Dear, I don't think there's any word to use to describe the whole labour process unless one experiences it. But I'm sure all the pain was worth it as soon as Ariella was placed in your arms." She said.
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