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Chapter 19

  • Two weeks later.
  • Caleb found himself in Saunders and Co on a Monday morning. He had a meeting with a senior associate of the firm, Mr Tucker, concerning the protection of the new products invented by his company. The meeting went well and Caleb thanked Mr Tucker and other associates who helped out before walking out of the conference room. He thought Jayda was going to be part of the lawyers that would be present in the meeting. He stylishly asked for her and was told she was busy with another case.
  • As soon as Caleb walked out of the glass-walled conference room, he bumped into his best friend's sister, Olivia.
  • "Caleb, what are you doing here?" Olivia asked excitedly as she pulled him into a bone-crushing hug.
  • Caleb chuckled, "I came to see Mr Tucker. We had a meeting with some associates. And you, where are you going?" He asked her.
  • "Oh, we've been working pretty hard since morning, doing some research for this new case Jayda is working on. I was on my way to get drinks."
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