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Chapter 12

  • However, she still straightened her small body and looked straight into the man's eyes without fearing anything.
  • A trace of surprise flashed through Edward's ice—cold eyes.
  • Almost every woman that saw him would show him their most beautiful side. Their makeup would become even more coquettish as they are wishing that they could burrow under his pants.
  • However, this woman in front of him had a face colder than his. She looked more indifferent than his, which gave him a completely different feeling.
  • The night before yesterday, she dressed casually to cover up her beautiful little face.
  • Today, she was dressed in an elegant, black professional attire, which caused Edward to uncontrollably look at her twice more.
  • The white shirt was neatly buttoned up to the second button, revealing half of her elegant and slender white neck. She wore a slightly slimmer tight overskirt, outlining her delicate figure. She was naturally alluring.
  • The most breathtaking thing about her was her small face, which was adorned with long black hair that reached her waist. Her face was delicate, and her facial features were precisely soft and beautiful.
  • The end of her long hair was slightly curled, symbolizing her stubborn and unyielding personality. This made the man feel a sense of wanting to conquer her.
  • The man's scrutinizing gaze made Felicity feel very uncomfortable.
  • Then, like an emperor, the man sat down opposite her and folded his long, proud legs.
  • His lazy posture had a hint of estrangement and indifference, and his thin lips slightly moved. He asked a question that left Felicity livid.
  • "When did you sleep with my brother? Where did you sleep? How many times?"
  • Felicity could feel the ridicule in this man's tone. She replied with an icy look on her small face, "What do you mean by that? I don't know your brother at all."
  • "Don't know him? Then how could there be children? I saw those two little guys in person today. They look very similar to my brother when he was young." The deep, deceptive quality of the voice sounded as if it could make an ear pregnant.
  • However, Felicity was no longer in the mood to enjoy his charming male voice. Upon hearing him mention her own children, Felicity immediately stood up excitedly, like a little wild cat whose tail had been stepped on. Her little face flushed, and retorted, "Just because my children look so much like your brother, you think they are his, isn't that just too funny? I want to say that they also look like you. Did I sleep with you? It's so ridiculous."
  • "I'm not interested in someone as mediocre as you even you are lying naked in front of me." Edward seemed to be infuriated, and his tone was filled with thick disdain.
  • Felicity never expected this man to look down on her so much, and she coldly snorted as well, "You really think too highly of yourself. I can honestly tell you that I have seen many more handsome men than you, and you still aren't handsome enough to make me want to take off my clothes."
  • These words were definitely the most ear—piercing words Edward had ever heard. His picturesque face suddenly became dark, like a storm was coming.
  • "I have already sent the DNA of the children to compare, so you will soon know the results. However, I need to remind you beforehand that you should not think of relying on your children to get benefits. You will never go into the Hughes Family." The annoyed tyrant just used more stinging words to fight back.
  • When Felicity heard that he had obtained her children's DNA, and even sent it to be examined, she got a bad feeling about this.
  • She was instantly enraged. Her two small hands tightly clenched into fists, as if she wanted to immediately give him a slap.
  • "Mister, I am the mother of the children. How can you do such a thing without my permission? I want to sue you! I'm accusing you of wounding intentionally."