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Chapter 298 Hurting Each Other

  • Finally, He Nian could not hold back her tears any longer. She wanted to say, I’ve never regretted a single thing. I’ve never regretted that night when I met you, and the time that we’d spent together.
  • No matter how much you have hurt me, no matter how many times you’ve disappointed me, it doesn’t change the fact that I’d fallen in love with you. Yes, I love you, and this is the undeniable and unchangeable fact... And here I am now, hurting you with everything that I have.
  • Hope rose in Pei Shaoyu again when he saw that He Nian remained silent, so he staggered before her and held her hand in his own. It was such a simple action, yet it brought frowns to everyone around them.
  • Such heartache!
  • If there is this one day, before the man picks up your hand, he would fear that you’d be angry, dissatisfied, unhappy, or hurt; it practically meant that he really did love you to the very core, because only true love brings with it the ability and wisdom to suppress every single impulsive behavior. And this was Pei Shaoyu right now. No matter how much he wanted to wrap her tightly in his arms or to hold her hands, he fought back every single impulse out of the fear that he would hurt her again...
  • “Honey, I don’t want much. All I want is one more chance, all right?”
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