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Chapter 11

  • “The Pei family? How many people are in the Pei family?” Although she worked in the Pei Corporation, He Nian didn’t know much about the Pei family’s private matters.
  • Pei Shaoyu gently squeezed on the waist of the woman who was clinging onto him and answered, “Not many, you’ll know when you see them.”
  • He Nian head sank as she frowned. She felt that Pei Shaoyu revealed his macho side. With her gaze fixed on her flat stomach and her hands clasped in front of her chest, He Nian said quietly, “Pei Shaoyu, we’re really going to get married.”
  • Without waiting for a response, He Nian carried on, “After this, you’re going to be a married person.”
  • “So what?”
  • The corners of her mouth slid upwards, “This also counts as a way to prove that you have grown up.” Those words were not just meant for him alone - they referred to herself as well.
  • This time, Pei Shaoyu didn’t get angry. He seemed to have picked up on what she meant and spoke in a slightly upset tone, “He Nian, you were the one who agreed to this marriage first. Even if either one of us wanted to back out now, it would be impossible, especially now that the old man is back.”
  • “Old man?” He Nian was puzzled. The look on her face was similar to a curious baby’s cute reactions.
  • “My grandfather.” Strangely, Pei Shaoyu wasn’t remotely as upset anymore at the mention of his grandfather. He said, “You’ll understand when you meet him tonight.”
  • At that moment, the photographer announced that their session was over. Pei Shaoyu led He Nian to the rest area for a quick break and stated, “You can change your clothes after you’ve rested. I’ll be downstairs taking care of some things.”
  • He Nian curled her lips as she watched Pei Shaoyu left the premises. She never hoped for a man who was four years younger than her to understand or be considerate towards her, and she herself knew she wasn’t the type of woman who would cling to her lover.
  • Soon after that, He Nian went downstairs after she finished packing up. Pei Shaoyu seemed busy typing away on his laptop inside his car, which was parked right outside of the building. After thanking the staff, He Nian got into the Land Rover parked outside. Pei Shaoyu was surprised at how quickly she came downstairs and asked, “You’re finished with your break?”
  • “I’m hungry,” He Nian replied without looking at him. She leaned back on the seat to take a short rest.
  • Pei Shaoyu was confused by her actions, which clearly showed that she was in a bad mood.
  • The car started up, and He Nian breathed a sigh of relief.
  • She had no clue as to what caused her unexpected bad mood.
  • ...
  • As soon as the Land Rover stopped in front of Hotel Royale, a valet stepped forward to help park the car.
  • He Nian stepped out of the car together with Pei Shaoyu. Before she could regain her balance, the manager of Hotel Royale greeted them and called out respectfully, “Young Master Pei.”
  • It was then He Nian started to take Pei Shaoyu seriously.
  • What does he do? Or should I say, what does the Pei family do?
  • The Pei Corporation had a rule that prevented the Pei family members from meddling in the food and beverage industry. But if the Pei family had nothing to do with catering, then the attitude of the staff at Hotel Royale would seem too strange.
  • “Do you come here often?” He Nian questioned.
  • “Everyday,” Pei Shaoyu answered with full honesty. He stretched his arm out and placed it on He Nian’s waist. Under the scrutinizing gazes of everyone present, they entered the magnificent Hotel Royale.
  • Right as they entered the hotel, He Nian felt weird. It wasn’t because of the decorations or designs of the place; it was because of the way everyone around them treated Pei Shaoyu.
  • Everyone greeted him with respect, referring to him as Young Master Pei.
  • However, Pei Shaoyu did not even acknowledge them. He Nian glanced around. The hotel was spectacular. It was gilded and luxurious, giving off an atmosphere of solemnity. The place lived up to its name - it was a hotel fit for royalty. This environment, together with the little brat, made He Nian even more curious than she already was.
  • Rumor had it that the owner is young and handsome, but his business skills were that of a snake - vicious and fierce.
  • Who was it that was capable of opening a Hotel Royale in every corner of the country? Who was it that was able to raise the status of this place to such a high position?
  • One who enters Hotel Royale enters the house of the rich.
  • Yet, such rumors were not just simple rumors.
  • “Pei Shaoyu, did you bring any money?” He Nian whispered to him in horror, thinking that they would be dead meat if they weren’t able to pay up.
  • She assumed that everyone treated him politely because he was a Young Master of the Pei family. But even if he was a Young Master of the Pei family, Pei Shaoyu couldn’t just eat here for free. Moreover, the purpose of pranking him still hasn’t been achieved.
  • “I don’t want to be thrown out later.”
  • The manager swiveled around. Sure enough, Young Master Pei’s face darkened like the lightning clouds of spring.