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Chapter 204 The Wen Sisters

  • The coffee table was shattered and left in the corner of the living room. There were glass shards scattered on the ground.
  • Wen Qing kneeled on the ground with messy hair and her hands tied behind her back. About four to five burly men who looked like bodyguards stood there. Pei Shaoyu didn’t expect to see the woman who sat on the sofa.
  • “Hi, Mr. Pei. You're finally here.”
  • The current Xiaoxiao was no longer the assistant who had endured all the oppression for a meagre income. Her name was Wen Xiaoxiao, and she had completely restored her identity as the Wen family's girl. She equipped herself with designer brand products, put on a pair of Ray-Ban glasses, and drinking red wine while waiting for Pei Shaoyu's arrival.
  • “Shaoyu.” Wen Qing looked at Pei Shaoyu's figure with hazy eyes and began crying her eyes out.
  • “I thought my sister was bluffing. After all these times, you still couldn't bear to leave her alone?” Xiaoxiao took her glasses off and glanced at Pei Shaoyu with her eyes that looked shockingly similar to Wen Qings'.
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