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Chapter 9

  • Pei Shaoyu narrowed his eyes. He Nian entered his profound eyes as something shot through her heart, in a speed so fast that she wasn’t able to catch up.
  • “I will make you remember!” Pei Shaoyu growled out of the blue.
  • Before He Nian had time to react, her lean waist was embraced as the light entering her eyes suddenly dimmed, followed by a strange yet familiar scent, forcing her to accept his everything.
  • Their lips collided with intense passion.
  • She could feel him tightening under his suit and her body getting out of control.
  • Her mind went blank that instant, and she completely forgot how to react. The only thing she could feel was the burning sensation of an arm on her waist. It was the only thing preventing her from falling weakly to the grown. The sweet aroma lingering around and the warmth of his lips left her a little unhinged, yet she didn’t know what to do.
  • The two of them stood motionless for some time.He Nian didn
  • ’t take her eyes of the man standing in front of her. To the people around them, their interaction was a mere few seconds, but to both their minds and bodies, it felt like an eternity. Besides tightening his grip on her waist, Pei Shaoyu didn’t do anything else. He continued kissing her as his brown eyes reflected her physique.
  • Cough! Cough! Cough!
  • Suddenly, an untimely cough snapped them out of their trance-like state. She saw Pei Lihua when the moment she turned her head, and her face turned red instantly.
  • “Father,” Pei Shaoyu also felt slightly embarrassed but recovered swiftly.
  • “Father,” He Nian repeated after Pei Shaoyu. She took a step back uncomfortably. Resentment towards Pei Shaoyu grew inside her - if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have embarrassed herself so badly in front of her boss.
  • Right then, Pei Shaoyu took a step forward unexpectedly when she took a step back. It felt like he was shrouding her under his wings in a protective manner.
  • “I came over to have a look,” Pei Lihua said sternly. His shrewd eyes watched over the two kids as he left them with caring exhortations, “Remember to bring Nian back to the family mansion tonight. Go there straight after you two finish the photoshoot and have some food, understand?”
  • “Yes, father,” Pei Shaoyu answered obediently.
  • After Pei Lihua left, He Nian was vexed that she didn’t coordinate properly with Pei Shaoyu to take the pictures, and she certainly didn’t want someone to get carried away because of the kiss just now.
  • “Young Mistress Pei, you have to cooperate with Young Master Pei. I can’t take any photos with you behaving like that,” the photographer declared helplessly. The beautiful couple was indeed a perfect fit, however, they were hopeless when it came to their chemistry.
  • Pei Shaoyu was also starting to get annoyed at He Nian. He was young and didn’t have much patience to start with, and the only thing that kept him together was all the training the Pei family had given him. He hesitated, then laughed at He Nian. He Nian sensed that something was going on, so she asked, “What are you laughing about?”
  • “Did you forget what I said just now?”