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Chapter 8

  • How smart!
  • Raising her eyebrows, He Nian caressed her belly gently and said, “I didn’t do it on purpose. If you want to blame someone, blame your child here. It’s not my fault he’s the one making a fuss in my stomach.”
  • Pei Shaoyu stared coldly at her, clearly unamused. Hmph, now you’re just evading all your responsibilities.
  • Nonetheless, she turned a blind eye to his demeanor and walked straight into the building with a smile. With her makeup done, He Nian was taken to the fitting room. This was when she inquisitively asked the staff member, who appeared to be the manager, who that was serving her since she entered, “You don’t seem to have many customers today. Isn’t it the perfect wedding season now? Why are there no clients here?”
  • “Young Mistress Pei, you must be joking.” The manager, who helped He Nian changed into her wedding dress, was an unmarried 25-year-old woman. After listening to what He Nian said, she let out a friendly smile and continued, “Young Master Pei has specifically booked out the entire place today just for the both of you. This is the first time our studio has been met with such a request, so you won’t be seeing any other clients.”
  • He Nian’s eyes darted left and right as she observed her surroundings.
  • This place looks amazing. Why does it sound like this place isn’t worth it? Is it because I’m a layman?
  • Otherwise, why would the manager say that it was the first time their studio had taken such a reservation?
  • He Nian mumbled under her breathe, “Booked out?”
  • She knew the Pei family was rich enough to be ranked as one of the wealthiest families of T City. However, she also knew that the Pei family wouldn’t squander their fortune. She even heard that Pei Shaoyu’s generation was driven out of the family and left to fend for themselves. This led He Nian to believe that Pei Shaoyu was nothing but a broke little brat.
  • “Yes, Young Master Pei told us that you were pregnant when he reserved the place. He told us you had trouble getting around and was afraid that you might get hurt if there was a crowd.” As much as the manager tried to polish what Pei Shaoyu said, it still registered differently in He Nian’s mind.
  • Trouble getting around?
  • He’s the one who has trouble getting around!
  • Let’s see how I’ll deal with him when we get back!
  • ...
  • He Nian breathed a sigh of relief when she finally finished putting on her intricate wedding dress. When she looked into the mirror, she was completely flabbergasted.
  • Her snow-white wedding dress was short in front and long in the back, highlighting her slender legs which usually went unnoticed. The top of her dress was shoulderless and sleeveless, designed with a hint of playfulness to show that she wasn’t overly demure. Her hair was let down loosely, with strands of hair embellishing her elegant face, adding a touch of femininity.
  • The makeup worn by He Nian made her look dainty, especially her eyes which shone exceptionally bright like galaxies in the night sky.
  • The heavy curtains behind her slowly opened, and soon after, He Nian’s eyes met a deep brown gaze. At that moment, both their hearts skipped a beat. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be wearing a wedding dress for this man, while he never thought that he would marry her.
  • Pei Shaoyu stood behind He Nian in a well-tailored suit. He was striking, with specks of amber flickering in his brown eyes. He traced the outline of He Nian’s graceful figure. He showed poise and good deportment, enough to attract the hearts of women.
  • This was her husband, Pei Shaoyu.
  • “Young Master Pei, are you satisfied?” One of the staff asked quietly as the rest of the staff, who were watching in admiration, quickly turned and retreated.
  • Pei Shaoyu didn’t answer, only pursing his lips slightly. When everyone around left, he spoke softly, “Who are you planning to seduce?”
  • He Nian was upset.
  • She glared at Pei Shaoyu. To him, she was even more charming when she was angry. She said, “So when are you going to prove how mighty and how grown you are?”
  • He Nian raised his eyebrows to look at him, then stepped off the round stage, ignoring Pei Shaoyu, who flushed red because of what she said.
  • “He Nian, you better remember you have a husband from today onwards. Don’t embarrass the Pei family.” Pei Shaoyu could feel his anger welling up inside when he saw how attractive she was. He noticed the deliveryman eyeing He Nian when he came in to deliver some goods.
  • Yet, this woman didn’t even realize what happened.
  • “Husband?” How could He Nian notice those who were just passing by? She walked over to where he stood and tilted her head, pretending to ask provocatively, “But, what if I don’t remember and cannot remember?”