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Chapter 297 I Will Hate You

  • Without even a glance at Pei Shaoyu, He Nian stood before Cheng Xue with burning hatred in her eyes. If Cheng Xue had mistreated me just because she thought I was pregnant with two daughters, I might not have hated her that much. Really, I wouldn’t have! However, there is no way I can forgive her right now!
  • How could she find a mistress for Pei Shaoyu? Of all people, she found He Xiang? The two of them schemed together to have Pei Shaoyu betray me, and the result? Pei Shaoyu can no longer have children in his lifetime! I will never forgive her!
  • Despite the fury in her heart, He Nian still suppressed her emotions and stared at Cheng Xue coldly. “The Pei family may be powerful, but the Qiu family is not to be reckoned with either. Before you do anything to me, you may want to check with my fiancé ?”
  • Fiancé. Pei Shaoyu’s face froze at the mention of that word. I don’t like her calling another man that! But he was powerless now as his body was not his for his bidding! He could only stand quietly against the wall in the attempt to not allow his mother to discover the extent of his injury. He struggled to regain whatever laughable amount of physical strength that he had left, just to be able to hold her in his arms one more time later.
  • “Are you threatening me?” Cheng Xue narrowed her eyes as she looked at He Nian. She had never expected He Nian to become so aggressive, to the extent of name-dropping the Qiu family as her backup! When she was the daughter-in-law of the Pei family, she rarely mentioned them!
  • He Nian smiled at her. In her eyes for Cheng Xue, there was only disgust and hatred, and a deeper probe would reveal her inner grudges and resentment. If not for her, all would have been well for Pei Shaoyu and me after the issue with Wen Qing. Our two babies would have been safe and healthy!
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