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Chapter 292 Infection

  • In the hospital, Yong and the children waited quietly for Pei Shaoyu to wake up.
  • It was unusual for Xin and Jin to be this quiet as if they had turned into adults all of a sudden. They looked at Pei Shaoyu on his bed and were concerned about his health.
  • Xin could not help but nudge Yong while keeping her eyes on her daddy, “Uncle Yong, when will daddy wake up?”
  • While they were on their way to the hospital, Yong told them Pei Shaoyu was down with a fever and that his illness was not severe. However, he did not tell the children that it was the infected wound that gave him the fever. Yong thought it was the best explanation to ease their mind since he did not want them to worry too much.
  • Yong sat on the couch and carried Jin with one hand. Then, he picked Xin up, placed her on his lap, and said to them with conviction, “Don’t worry. Your daddy is a strong man. He’ll be fine.”
  • Xin turned around to look at Pei Shaoyu’s pale face and gently nodded.
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