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Chapter 290 The Truth About The Children

  • “Xiang, don’t worry! Our Shaoyu can always make a comeback. Grandpa will never abandon him!” Cheng Xue now placed all hope on He Xiang and her son Liang. As long as he had a grandson, the grandfather would definitely not ignore them! “Xiang, why don’t you and Shaoyu quickly go and get your marriage registered, in case He Nian tries to come and break up your family again? We should also change Liang’s surname as well.”
  • He Nian was in deep thought about the questions Pei Shaohao had thrown at her earlier while glaring coldly at the forceful duo.
  • Cheng Xue tugged onto He Xiang’s clothes tightly, as if He Xiang were her only chance of living.
  • He Nian and Pei Shaoyu were already divorced. Despite He Nian’s two children, the Qiu family would definitely not let things go so easily. Even if they did, Jin’s condition would only create more embarrassment for the Pei family. Hence, it would be less troublesome if they didn’t have him. Cheng Xue, who usually was not very happy with Liang, was behaving quite the opposite right now.
  • Even though he doesn’t have the Pei family’s tea-colored eyes, he’s still a child of the Pei family, is he not? At this moment, she refused to believe a single word that came out of Pei Shaohao. Now that Pei Shaoyu was left with absolutely nothing, even if Liang really were not his child, she would make him his child!
  • Pei Shaoyu definitely could not lose out to Pei Shaohao here!
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