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Chapter 277 Her Indifference

  • “Mummy, Xin and Jin are happy with daddy and mummy, but Xin doesn't have any friends to play with. Xin wants to go to school with Jin...” Xin persuaded as she turned to Pei Shaoyu. “Daddy said Xin and brother can go to get used to the environment. If we don't like it, we can change schools next semester. Jin even promised god grandpa to learn martial arts...”
  • He Nian raised an eyebrow and looked at Pei Shaoyu with questioning eyes. Where did he bring them today? Why's Xin so worried?
  • Pei Shaoyu felt nervous as He Nian stared at him and stammered, “I-I felt that they had no friends here... It would be better if they did...”
  • He Nian ignored Pei Shaoyu and smiled at her daughter. She then said something that hurt Pei Shaoyu, “Xin, you and your brother can go to school, but I have to discuss this with daddy Qiu first.”
  • Xin and Jin were stunned while Pei Shaoyu's face fell.
  • “Mummy told you this before, remember? Daddy Qiu and mummy will be married soon, so you'll have to call daddy Qiu daddy. Daddy Qiu loves both of you and will find you guys a good school. If you guys want to go to school, let's bring it up with daddy Qiu, alright?”
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