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Chapter 259 The Words Of He Xiang

  • The next day, He Nian received a call on her way to the restaurant. When she spotted Qiu Su and her two children in the restaurant, she nodded and responded to the person on the phone after a short pause, “Alright, I got it.”
  • After hanging up, He Nian walked over to the table. Perhaps something was off in her expression and her tone, but Qiu Su looked at her suspiciously and asked, “Is something wrong?”
  • Shaking her head, He Nian replied in a slight daze, “Nothing.”
  • Just as He Nian was about to continue, Qiu Su's phone rang loudly. He picked up the call and greeted the person on the phone. After hearing what the caller had to say, he lifted his head to give He Nian a skeptical look, followed by a small smile as he ended the call.
  • He Nian settled down in her seat and glanced at Qiu Su in a curious manner.
  • However, Qiu Su merely smiled and kept mum.
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