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Chapter 251 Policeman

  • The sky was shining bright and people on the streets wondered whether it would snow. The next moment, snowflakes started to fall, and very quickly, the pavement was covered in a thin layer of snow.
  • At this moment, a small figure stood outside at the entrance of Imperial Entertainment. The small boy toddled his way to the steps at the entrance and left behind a trail of small footprints. However, it was as though one could see the glorious future of Imperial Entertainment from his confident footsteps. Even if the place was covered in snow, it would continue to shine brightly in success and prosperity! Just like its name – imperial and royal.
  • The receptionist was admiring the snow outside when she noticed a small figure approaching. The young boy had jet black hair. His large, hazel brown eyes were the most attractive and they looked exactly like the eyes of her boss!
  • After he made his way up the steps, the boy entered the place, gripping onto the handles of his bag with his small hands. His eyes darted around the unfamiliar surroundings and one could see that he was dressed in a casual blue suit with a blue bowtie. His entire demeanor and attire were extremely adorable.
  • The receptionist was puzzled at the sudden appearance of the young boy. His hazel brown eyes glanced over at her as he strode over to the reception in small steps.
  • “Hey, young man, what are you doing here? Where are your parents?” The receptionist quickly bent down and asked him.
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