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Chapter 15 Little Vixen

  • Pei Guobo didn’t speak but instead stared at He Nian for a long time. Just as everyone was preparing to plead for He Nian, Pei Guobo let out a hearty laugh.
  • “Hahaha, young lady,” as he stopped laughing, he squinted his eyes at He Nian, “You’re pretty bold for your size, aren’t you afraid that I would disapprove of your wedding?”
  • “Grandfather, you wouldn’t be able to carry your great-grandchild if you did that,” He Nian was getting bolder by the minute, perhaps because she felt that Pei Guobo didn’t have any malicious intentions and could take a joke well.
  • “Oh, are you threatening me?” Pei Guobo widened his brown eyes in surprise.
  • “Grandfather, this isn’t a threat. What I mean is that the child is in my stomach unless you can move the baby into Pei Shaoyu’s stomach?” He Nian smiled. She wasn’t afraid after understanding what the old man meant, “Even if the baby had been moved, can grandfather guarantee that Shaoyu can give birth to it?”
  • “Haha, Haha.” This time, Pei Guobo guffawed at the remark. Pei Shaoyu’s face, however, was darker than ever. “Interesting, interesting. I approve of this granddaughter-in-law.”
  • Pei Lihua and Cheng Xue laughed as soon as they heard this. It wasn’t easy to get into the Pei family. Only by getting Pei Guobo’s approval were they able to stop the other members of the Pei family from running their mouths. This was the main reason Pei Shaoyu brought He Nian to the family mansion.
  • “Lihua, it’s getting late. You all can rest here for tonight before you leave,” Pei Guobo then turned to Pei Shaoyu and He Nian. Before they could say anything, he interrupted, “A pregnant woman shouldn’t be running around.”
  • Pei Lihua and Cheng Xue had no objections, but Pei Shaoyu and He Nian were different, especially when they heard that they had to share a room. They weren’t at that stage yet.
  • “Grandfather, I can send Nian home. Don’t you worry,” Pei Shaoyu tried to decline.
  • “You good-for-nothing kid!” Pei Guobo slammed his crutches on the ground, frightening everyone around, “Your wife is pregnant, yet you still bear to watch her run around? Even if you don’t want a son, I want a great-grandson!”
  • “Grandfather...” He Nian smiled and tried to speak, but stopped when Pei Guobo glared at her.
  • “And you, you’re going to become a mother, yet you’re still so inadequate. It’s not wrong for you to follow your husband, but what’s the point if there’s no son!”
  • There was no room for discussion anymore.
  • Night fell, and He Nian followed Pei Shaoyu into the room hesitantly, both of them feeling the unavoidable awkwardness.
  • “Little brat, don’t you dare come over here,” He Nian tightened her dress and displayed a worried look. She still remembered how he treated her that night.
  • “What do you think I am? A beast? You’re still pregnant!” Pei Shaoyu roared back at her. Seeing her making him out to be an evil person really pissed him off. Am I really such a lowlife to her?
  • “I’ve experienced how much of a beast you were that night,” He Nian muttered without realizing she had already loosened up on the bed. “The sofa and floor are all yours. I’ll be sleeping on the bed.”
  • Pei Shaoyu raised his eyebrows at He Nian’s overbearing attitude.
  • “I’m going to sleep on the bed. What are you going to do about it?” His words were teasing her.
  • “I won’t do anything,” He Nian was a little sleepy. Her eyelids drooped to a close slowly as she mumbled, “You’re still a minor who’s still going through puberty. What’s there to be afraid of?”
  • “He Nian!” Pei Shaoyu snarled. He leaned over to grab her wrist, then reiterated, “I’m not a minor, you’ve seen my ID card. I’ve been an adult for a long time!”
  • “Yes, yes, I know. Now don’t bother me,” He Nian never left her pillow. “You scoundrel, let go of me...” He Nian’s soft voice drifted off mid-reverie; Pei Shaoyu wouldn’t be able to hear it if he wasn’t close to her.
  • Amidst her sleepiness, He Nian tried to shake his hand off but couldn’t get rid of it. With one last look, she glared at Pei Shaoyu as her consciousness started to fade away, then fell asleep almost instantly.
  • Pei Shaoyu was dumbfounded. He Nian’s glare hit him deep down, causing him to tremble fiercely. He narrowed his brown eyes and quickly came to a conclusion.
  • This woman is a vixen! A little Vixen!