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Special Chapter 1

  • I woke up the next day only to find out that I am alone inside my unit. I called out Eunique’s name over and over but I heard no responses. I got up and looked around—the kitchen, the terrace, the guest room, the bathroom, everywhere—but she was gone.
  • I got my phone and dialed her number numerous times but it will always lead me to voicemail.
  • I gulped so hard as a sharp pain attacked my chest when I realized what’s happening. Curses are the only ones I could mutter as I got dressed and started to look for her. I didn’t stop calling her and leaving a bounty number of voicemails hoping she just had an emergency.
  • I called Ashley, one of Eunique’s best friends but it was Kris who answered it.
  • “What the fuck, dude? Why are you calling my girlfriend?” this asshole’s possessive voice annoyed me. I don’t fucking care about him and his girl. I have my own girl…who is nowhere to be found.
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