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Chapter 31

  • It’s been two days since the incident happened. Mom’s already conscious, as Eurick told me, but I never did try to visit her. I’m scared. I’m scared that she might deteriorate once more when she sees me. I don’t want her to get worse because of me.
  • Eujean still hasn’t talked to me since the incident. She’s been in the hospital for days and Eurick only brings her clothes to change on every day. I can’t blame her for the cold treatment, though. I honestly think that I deserved it.
  • On the brighter note, I am glad that Dad is not against my relationship with Kai. I don’t know what happened but I think Kai told him something that made him feel a bit more comfortable.
  • Meanwhile, Rachel is still on her solo campaign about her wedding with Kai. This time, she even invited Kai’s parents on the press conference.
  • “We are all so excited about the wedding,” Mrs. Bennett was smiling while looking around the press. “My son isn’t saying something about the wedding. I think it’s going to be a surprise.”
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