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To Make You Come Back To Me

To Make You Come Back To Me

Fantastic Yeoja

Last update: 2020-04-22

Chapter 1

  • “I love you.”
  • Kaisser kissed me upon whispering those words. His voice and touch sent shivers to my spine and coldness to my skin. But I didn’t mind the hype of my nerves, I let him own my cavern the way he wants it to do.
  • His hands caressed my cheek as he deepened the kiss. I’ve never felt this crazy before. I’ve never felt this excited before.
  • All the blood in my body came rushing to my cheeks as he laid me on his bed, hovering on top of me. He continued to kiss me as he placed his hands on both sides of my waist.
  • I let out a moan the moment his tongue found its entrance into my mouth, licking and owning every corner of it. I let him do what he keeps on doing and made myself enjoy it.
  • Tonight, I’ve decided to take it to the next level. I wanted to give him my everything. It’s not that I don’t care about the consequences, but as a goodbye gift, I want to make him to own me fully.
  • His hands roamed around the hem of my dress, finding their way inside, towards my bare stomach.
  • Every touch that he does makes me want him more. Every kiss he offers makes me want to go to heaven. I am no saint nor an angel but these sensations make me feel heavenly. It’s like I’m with the most high. Or am I just high? High up from my love for Kaisser Bennett.
  • I gasped when I felt his hands cup and massage my breasts, circling and kneading them.
  • “Kai…” I couldn’t recognize that voice. Is it mine?
  • “Hmmm…” Kai moaned as he buried his face on my neck, sucking that one sensitive spot. I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping my mouth as I felt the electricity in me rising up. I’m feeling even higher.
  • His kisses lingered on my neck for a few more minutes before traveling down to my shoulders, down to my chest. He raised my dress to my head taking it off before throwing it somewhere around the room. He trailed light kisses on my chest before reaching my now exposed breasts, sucking my nipple while his other hand played with the other.
  • I’m going crazy. I’m damn going to crazy with all these feelings setting in right now. I feel so hot, yet I don’t want anything but more. I want this hotter. I want this more and more.
  • “Ugh…Kaisser,” I moaned as I felt one of his hand touch the center of my thighs. My mind went haywire the moment I felt that same hand tugging the garter of my underwear.
  • His lips crashed on mine on a very passionate and determined kiss. I tugged on the hem of his shirt and removed it from him. My heart almost dropped when I saw his toned body. So hot, so damn hot.
  • I didn’t even notice that he finally got rid of my underwear until he parted my legs wide while his thumb circled on my clit. I almost shouted in glee. I’ve never known doing this would give me numerous unknown sensations that I have never felt before.
  • He unbuckled his belt and placed his pants down. I was so amazed when I saw how turned on he was. He’s right there in front of me—proud and very ready. He crashed his lips on mine again and making me lost in his own little tongue.
  • He was caressing my core when he stopped and looked at me with piercing brown eyes. “Are you sure you want do this?” he asked as he caressed my face. “We can stop now, honey. You don’t need to pretend you want this to happen—”
  • I stopped his words and pulled him closer to my face again, giving him a deep kiss. No, I don’t want to stop. This is my plan. This is what I should be doing now.
  • I want to feel him…even for the final time.
  • I hugged him tighter as I felt him poking on my core. Damn! I want him now. I don’t know how bad it would hurt but I want him in me now.
  • I shouted out loud when I felt him filling me up. A mix of pain and completeness is building up inside of me. This sure hurt like hell but the feeling of completeness made me feel really elated.
  • “Ssshhhh,” he hushed me as he wiped the tears I didn’t know have escaped from my eyes. “I’m sorry.” He said it more than five times before offering me the deepest kiss of the night.
  • I was lost in his kisses when I felt him slowly moving in and out of me. The pain is slowly disappearing and another emotion was taking in. Pleasure.
  • I feel him quickening the pace until I felt like I wanted to reach something. I don’t know what that would be but I still want to reach it no matter what. I need to reach it now.
  • All the happiness in my life can never match this bliss I am feeling right now. I feel like I’m about to enter the happiest place—heaven.
  • My heart started to race fast the moment he kept on hitting that one spot that made me moan for his name over and over again.
  • “Eunique…”
  • “Kai…”
  • It took a few more thrusts before Kai collapsed on top of me. He rolled to my side and pulled me close, kissing the side of my head. “I’m fucking in love with you, Eunique James. Soon you’ll be my wife,” he whispered, making my heart ache in pain.
  • Tears started to fill my eyes as I heard those words from him. I swallowed a huge lump in my throat before saying, “I love you, too.”
  • I love him. I love him to the depths of my being but I’m leaving you right now.
  • I’m sorry, Kaisser Bennett.
  • I’m really sorry.