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Chapter 8

  • Chapter 8
  • "Penny for your thoughts?" Brandon's words drew Colleen out of her thoughts, away from the past.She looked at Brandon, who was seated opposite to her. They were here in the northern Sierra Nevada for their last training. She had been roaming around the world for her training to be the strongest wolf and become the Alpha of all Alphas. She chose to be away from her family, especially her parents, and to become the strongest Alpha woman.
  • On that day, when she knew who her mate was, all her hopes of being Luna vanished in a blink of an eye. So, she chose to go far away from them and become a great Alpha woman. For her pack, and for her mate, she doesn't know yet. Sooner or later, she will take over the throne from her father. The prophecy was real because the day she found out her mate was the same day her grandparents died. Just like how they told her before, they only stayed to see her find her mate.
  • However, unlike what she wanted to think before, they didn’t die a natural death. They died as a result of a heinous murder and that was also one of the reasons as to why she must get stronger.
  • "Is it your mate who occupies your thoughts?" Brandon continued. She just looked at him with a blanked look before she got up and walked towards the fridge next to him. She took a can of beer and drank it bottoms up, until the last drop fell into her lips, and smashed it with one hand, before she threw it into a bin next to the sink. After she took another and showed it to Brandon.
  • Brandon nods, waiting for her to throw the can of beer at him. So she did and then she took another one and walked back to where she was seated before. Brandon was here with her because he was trained to become her beta. They both needed to train together and be in sync with their decision, strategy, and leadership so they both could lead the pack with coordination.
  • Melissa had left because she needed to continue her studies to become a doctor for their pack. Being a werewolf, healing duration and medicine was not the same as human, thus they needed to have their own physician who would be able to adjust the science with their body and capability.
  • Sometimes she wished that she could be like Melissa, because until she reached eighteen, Melissa still hadn't met her mate. It's not like she met her mate. And all her anxiety that her mate might reject her even though she's the daughter of the Alpha of the Silver Blue pack. Or mated with a vampire, but none of that happened because her mate was a human.
  • What do you expect from humans? How could her mate be his pack's hope? Isn't her mate the hope of her pack? But it was her only hope for her pack. Sometimes she couldn't understand how the moon goddess reincarnated her if she was a great warrior so many years ago, when the great warrior, Alpha, was a man. Not for her status, she's a woman who should be called Luna, not an Alpha woman.
  • But she had no choice but to admit her fate of being an alpha woman. And her friend had already abandoned him.It was all useless because he had no idea that he was her mate.
  • They both looked at the door when they heard a knock from outside. Brandon stood up and opened the door. She knew that the one standing outside the door was not a human person. He was a kind vampire, but she knew that this person had no idea that he was a vampire at all.
  • "Come in," she heard Brandon invited the man and then she heard their footsteps coming towards her. She didn't bothered to look at them. Her gaze was focused on the neon lights in the capital city of North Sierra through the glass wall.
  • "Hi, Colleen." Drake greeted her. That was the only time she lifted her gaze to him.
  • "Hello Drake, what's up?" She replied. Drake was their neighbour who lived next door. He worked as a pianist in one of the city's fine dining establishments.
  • According to Drake, he came here to work as a pianist to earn money for his sister’s studies. She believed him because she could sense that he was not lying, and she also knew that Drake had no idea of his real identity. They met him on the third day when they arrived here.
  • It was midnight when she and Brandon were out to walk around the city to look for a restaurant where they could dine in, when this poor man was being beaten by a group of five people. Remembering that scene, she smirked. This poor man had no idea of his own power. Brandon was the one who beated the five people. She just helped Drake, who was too weak and was covered in blood.
  • The only thing she noticed was that Drake's wound didn't heal that fast, unlike other vampires. But she couldn’t doubt her senses. She had that power. She sensed the blood of a vampire from Drake.
  • "It's my day off today. And I'm supposed to invite you guys to join me to celebrate my birthday," Drake uttered after he accepted the can of beer Brandon offered to him.
  • "That's great. I'm into that," Brandon answered. And he looked at Colleen.
  • "Today is your birthday? How old are you?" Colleen inquired, feeling something she couldn't put her finger on.
  • "Twenty-one," Drake answered. "Actually, it's tomorrow, but I want to celebrate it tonight." and that made Colleen's heart skip a bit.
  • "Drake, I guess it's not a good idea," she said after looking at the door and the glass wall in front of her and, out of nowhere, shifting, as did Brandon.