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Chapter 6

  • Chapter 6
  • Colleen was shocked when she found out that the man dragging her inside of the dark side of the forest was no other than the eldest brother of Melissa.
  • "What are you doing?" She yelled at him as soon as he removed his hand from her mouth.
  • "I should be the one to ask you that, What are you doing here, Colleen?" Brandon asked her
  • "Shhh… be quiet," she uttered as she put her pointed fingers in her mouth. "I heard a sound coming from the middle of the forest," she continued.
  • Colleen saw Brandon was nodding his head, "is that so?" Brandon asks.
  • "Yes. So be quiet, they might hear us." She instructed him.
  • "Silly, do you not know that they're doing training there." Brandon's response made her eyes open wide.
  • "What?" She asked.
  • "Yes, you wanted to see? You come, let's go." Brandon invited her. She nodded in response.
  • They took a few steps when she held Brandon's hand. "Wait a minute, we're making so much noise because of the dried leaves and pieces of wood that we're stepping on." She said, stopping herself from walking further.
  • "So what do you suggest we do?" Brandon smirked.
  • "Should we shift, so we can go fast without making so much noise?" she suggested.
  • “But that could create a lot of noise…” Brandon responded with uncertainness.
  • “Right. Then we could shift so we could defend ourselves easily if they ever saw us. And we should only move slowly and gently so they would not detect us. Probably walk with their phase of movement, so we can camouflage our noise as theirs.” She suggested back.
  • Brandon shrugged his shoulders in response. They separate ways; she hides in the bushes, while Brandon goes on the other side. She then removed her clothes, folded it properly, and put it down on the grass. She prepares herself to transform.
  • After a while she transformed into a scary dangerous werewolf. Her fur is as white as a snowflake that it almost gives off the idea of one’s pureness. Her long-furred tails give no sign of fear. The wolf’s bold gray eyes are so taming and attractive. The teeth were so magnificently white. The finely sharp claws are terrifying; whoever sees it could deeply fall asleep out of fear. This is what her mother always tells her. They adore her transformation.
  • She walked to a place where they agreed to meet. She saw Brandon was already there waiting for her. He transforms into brown fur with a pair of brown eyes. Not long ago they're both transferring from one tree to another they're close to their destination.
  • A group of werewolves were in the middle of the forest. She saw how the poor werewolf was whimpering from pain, when a brown colour beast threw him to the middle of the battlefield. They're more than ten werewolves. She's so engrossed to watch them fighting that she wants to see more. She walks closer to where they are. Since the area where she is currently on is a bit higher than the ground where they are training, they won’t be able to see her even if she walks on the giant tree branch that is sprouting connected to the lawn she is in. She is looking below with awareness that she didn't notice the branch cracked due to her wolf’s weight, causing her to fall down and create a loud noise, enough to be heard in the training area.
  • When she opened her eyes, she was already surrounded by a group of werewolves. Among them is black werewolf licking her face as she gets back on her feet. The black werewolf is the leader of the group. The wolf then howled followed by the group, as they howled in unison.
  • Because of what had happened, the group dispersed. The black werewolf dismissed the training.
  • The next day she felt a hand touching her face, "pup, you need to get up. You're going to be late for school." It's her mother's sweet voice waking her up. She gradually opened her eyes, then she closed it again,
  • "Mom, can I skip school today?" She responded lazily, as she is being too lazy to get up and go to school.
  • "Come on pup. I know it's not easy for you, but I'm sure you will get used to it when you do it daily. So come on get up, everyone is waiting for you." Her mother said after she got up from sitting beside her.
  • She stretched her body after she kicked her blanket out from her body, and she got off in her bed and did her morning routine. She took out her uniform from her wardrobe, then took a quick bath, making her feel fresh. She's looking at herself in a full length mirror - her petite body figure, her hair that is wrapped up with a White towel that's on her head. She smirked when the wardrobe fell on the floor. Staring at her body in front of the mirror, she felt like she's a Goddess with her perfect body figure. Her b***s that's perfectly cupped by her hands and her b**t that's perfectly curved. Her waistline. That's twenty four inches in the waist.
  • She was distracted by the vibrations of her mobile. She checked who's calling her and rapidly wore her school uniform knowing that she's late again.
  • She saw Melissa as she stepped out of their house. Melissa was standing in the same place where she used to stay every time she's waiting for her.. lding the sandwich that her mother prepared for her.
  • She smiled sheepishly as she got nearer to her. She saw Melissa just shook her head, and they started to walk.
  • "What did you do last night? I'm like a shit waiting for your call, and you never called me back. " Melissa complained. She grinned. And asked for an apology.
  • *I'm sorry, I got curious last night when your father came while we're having dinner, so I followed them." She confessed.
  • "Yes, and Brandon catches you." Melissa giggled. That made her frown.
  • "What's so funny?" She asked her, hiding her irritation when she remembered how Brandon dragged her to the darkside of the forest.