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Chapter 62 Maat

  • Azrael POV
  • The sun was setting while Seraphina and I were hiding in the deep grass and shadows that were cast down from the tallest of the trees nearby us.
  • I could feel how nervous she was and for a good reason. Hell, even I was nervous myself. Maat was an immortal creature, a rare one and not the one you wanted to come across with.
  • I held my gaze at the cabin that stood on the cliff before us when I heard Seraphina’s velvet voice, whispering to me; “What now?”
  • Her heart was thundering in her chest, and I could hear it clearly. My primal instincts to protect and comfort my mate were surfacing, clawing at my skin, making it harder and harder to fight those urges, especially now when I could still taste her taste on my lips, feel those sweet lips pressing over mine…
  • Shaking my head in hopes to clear it from those torturing images, I glanced at her and whispered back; “Now we wait for the night to settle.”
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