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Chapter 59 The Vast Bog - Part 1

  • Seraphina POV
  • Azrael and I stood there right at the entrance into The Vast Bog, looking up into the sky, silently watching as Wyatt’s dragon flew back to the Solace Mountain, leaving Azrael and me to continue on this journey alone.
  • No pressure… 
  • Azrael looked down at me and I could see he was still not happy that I joined him on this quest, but what other choice did I have? I was not letting him go to The Vast Bog all on his own.
  • “Stay close to me and try to make as little sound as possible. If you hear or see something… just let me know and everything will be ok.” He said it like he practiced this speech that he just gave to me, and probably he did.
  • Rolling my eyes as he turned his back to me, I followed closely, making the same steps he did.
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