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Chapter 6: The News

  • Azrael POV
  • I was standing outside the door to Olivia’s and Marcus' room, leaning on the wall in company of Damon as we were feeling anxious, waiting for Talia to finish her check up on Olivia and finally let us inside when suddenly we heard them both squealing and crying.
  • Damon and I both jumped and pushed ourselves in tandem from the wall, looking at each other for a moment before we ran to the door as I grabbed ahold of the handle and pressed it down, opening the door.
  • We barged inside the room, both of us looking around the room looking for any danger when my eyes landed on Talia and Olivia, both hugging each other as tears fell down from their eyes.
  • “What happened? Why are you two crying?” before Damon could ask the same question, I rushed ahead and asked them, rushing straight towards the bed, looking at them with worry while anxiously I waited for their reply.
  • Talia and Olivia chuckled, seeing Damon and me crowding in the space of the room, side by side, feeling tense as not knowing what happened.
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