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Chapter 42 Present Time-Opal pack

  • Azrael POV
  • We were tired and soaked, not to mention hungry by the time we decided to return to Damon's packhouse.
  • Shifting back to our human form, Marcus was the first one to open the back door and walk inside. The door slammed into the wall as the knob slipped through his palm, pushed by the strong wind that was coming from the outdoors.
  • "Oh well, at least they got head-ups that we are back," Damon said, shrugging his shoulders, walking inside the mansion.
  • Shaking my head tiredly, I followed them inside, walking through the corridor until we heard their voices.
  • “Did any of you hear of Solace Mountain?” I heard Seraphina's voice, making Silver purr in pleasure of her melodic voice.
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