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Chapter 29 Big Brother

  • Luka's POV
  • "To your right. left, straight ahead. Hurry Demyan, she's being passed to the woman on her left..."
  • the fuck is he so fucking good at this! It's like finding freaking Waldo, and I hated that game!
  • Olga has a tracker that she didn't know about, her mother's earrings that I put after her mountain escapades. I was making sure that I'd never lost her again. But it seemed that he uses a very high-end jammer, and destroyed any tracker within range.
  • That guy played me in the best playing field, there are dozens of cameras in the subway yet the crowd makes it so hard for me to find her. We got six guys and several more at the exit and entry of the subway.
  • I was already fuming when I spot him kissing her at the town square. I know he purposely did it to cloud my thinking and it fucking worked.
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