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Chapter 43 Coming Back

  • We've been staying at the beach house for four days, the kids were having a good time. They were treating our getaway, as vacation and my dad was even happier.
  • There was definitely something going on between him and Ira. I shockingly discovered them, when I was sleepily getting myself to the kitchen for some water in the middle of the night and find my mob daddy kissing the twin's nanny.
  • You would think that the previous line came out from some cheesy romance novels right? But nooo our dearest typer author had it all planned out in her mischievous mind. She typed it out for me to bumped onto them, without even a freaking warning. And I was just ewww...
  • Since then, I have to do a fake cough or stomped my feet harder every time I walk into a room. Ira looked ashamed with herself, that she finally confessed to me.
  • She approached me after I had just finish tucking the kids to bed. I was in the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of wine to help me sleep better. The nights I spent without Luka was always hard, I would need a glass of wine just to help me sleep.
  • "Look Olga, I'm sorry about what you saw a couple of days ago..."
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