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Chapter 9 Wing-woman

  • "Damn woman, who slap your ass and made you all red in the face?" Megan greeted me as she opens the door. She was already in her pajamas, it was barely nine in the evening.
  • "I need to slap some nerdy ass if you really must ask. That Luka guy, do you remember him? Oh...fuck Megan, where are all the good stuff?" I demanded while scavenging her kitchen cabinet.
  • "And why are you in your pajamas already? Let's can't expect me to be this upset and not sterilized myself with some fine alcohol...let's get you to my level, we will let Jack pamper us with his signature drinks." I was scavenging Megan's drawers looking for the perfect little dress for her.
  • "A ha!! Found it!" I throw the dress and told her to go get changed.
  • "I'm calling our ride," I said, as she eventually relents and does as I wish.
  • I'm very proud of my Megan, she had come a long way. Now she just needs to find herself a man. I knew she had some bad dates, but that's the point of dating. To finally find your ever after.
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