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Chapter 22 Jealous Brat

  • Nikolai was looking at me, he was studying my behavior. While Luka was chatting up to Rebecca. I was not liking the hurt that I was feeling.
  • You know when you feel like you could stab the guy in the gut repeatedly, just because he's flirting with another woman in front of your eyes? But then you're too stubborn, and your pride won't let you do it? No? Well....just imagine me doing so, okay?
  • Luka looked at me and greeted me like he was not doing anything wrong, while I was boiling on the inside ready to burst.
  • "Hey Olga, Becca here was just checking up on my wound..."
  • "And it can't be done at the Clinic? I couldn't even get you for a consultation. Hey Becca... are you joining us for dinner?" I asked her sweetly, completely ignoring Luka.
  • She was saying yes, and that dad was inviting her for dinner after she checked dad's gunshot wound.
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