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Chapter 38 What happens in Russia

  • "Dad, please...I need to do this. You took me away when I was a teen, but I'm an adult now. At least just give me the chance..."
  • "Nikolai will go with you, and Demyan too...I'm not taking any chances. I will check up on you next week or so, I need to be here for the new opening. I do wish that you would stay, you're just like your mother sometimes.. it annoys me that I love you too much to say no to you."
  • My mob daddy rests back to his big leather chair and finally given his approval to let me go back to Russia.
  • It was two days later when I arrived at my childhood home. Zhirov, my late mother's lawyer opened the door for us. He looked tense as Nikolai and Demyan burst into the house and start checking out each room, windows, security cameras, and looking at the surroundings. Then an hour later they were finally pleased and joined me and Zhirov in the living room.
  • "We need to update the CCTV and connect it to our network, but overall you're good sis. Now... Zhirov, I need to vet all of the employees that would be handling Olga's needs, maid, driver, chef all of them will go through either me or Demyan."
  • He was telling, nope he was ordering Zhirov. The old man looked pale as Nikolai rest back on the sofa. He was letting his suit jacket open, showing off his gun straps with his shiny toys on each side.
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