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Chapter 27 Missing Brat

  • Luka's POV
  • "What do you mean she's missing?!!" Nikolai slammed the table with his palm.
  • Everyone at the house was busy looking for her. Even Demyan hasn't got back, afraid that he might get shot for losing Olga. Again.
  • But I could feel it, this was my fault. I kept on seeing the CCTV footage of her. She voluntarily headed out to the restaurant with the guy.
  • I know she was upset with me, and she's a brat, my brat. I should've known better. I know every time I let her down she would do things to irritate me. And having lunch with some guy was it.
  • "I'm fucking tracing her! Just shut it!" I was fuming at Nikolai, my mind was running at a high speed.
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