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Chapter 45 Epilogue

  • One year later...
  • Damn author, you surely want to get rid of me that bad huh? Okay...but know this...I will show up when you least expected.
  • So in this Epilogue, I will finish my story, with all the unicorns and rainbows you've been waiting for. But honestly, this is more than that...his brother, his parents, and what exactly happened to Klara... It'll all be explained in the next book.
  • I know right...talking about getting all of you to read our typer author's next book... she can be such a tease sometimes. But I love her dearly for wrapping my story with a sweet sickening ending.
  • Okay...this is where I stop my rants, my wisdom, my sexiness... and obviously the greatest love story ever told. Biased? Nah...I'm just being the Dramatic Olga...hell yes people...I'm back!!
  • *****
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