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Chapter 30 High as a kite

  • I woke up in a bed, it was an actual clean bed. And I quickly relaxed knowing that I was still fully clothed, I reached behind my neck feeling the little bump where he injected me with a syringe, and cursed lowly.
  • Okay, Olga, you got this... Now get your sorry ass and rescue yourself!
  • Now, I don't know about you...but it seemed like I have too much confidence in me. But I did listen to myself as I get up and looked around the room.
  • There was nothing. I mean seriously not even a phone, where I could reach for room service. Wait... did I tell you that I was hungry? The guy kidnaps me ehh... I'm not a kid anymore, let's just say abducted.
  • So, the guy and his minions abducted me on my lunchtime, at least they give me the decency to eat first right? dragon was about to roar, I could feel it already.
  • dragons roar? I thought they breathe fire?
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