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Chapter 22 Flown In

  • "Yes,, yes I'm at the airport. Yes, Megan called me...yes, I guess, is all good..." I told Kamaria that I was heading out to see Megan. She chuckled, and congratulate me for being flown out to see her. Turned out that the company charged a very expensive fee, for every out of the country bookings.
  • I was putting my boy toy feeling aside and puffed out my chest and head on to check-ins.
  • Fuck...I'm really fucking doing this. I'm whoring myself out internationally.
  • Hours and hours later I arrived at my destination. I had never been to Russia before, but she was good with her words when she told me that she would have someone picking me up. An hour later I was at her hotel suite. She had told the reception to gave me a card key.
  • I'm here at your hotel room - Gary
  • I decided to text her, it felt like I was invading her privacy by letting myself in her room.
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