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Chapter 18 The Weekend Away

  • "Gary just drive it, baby...." She was handing me her car keys. Feeling like a true boy toy already, I was trying to hold myself back, because I really wanted to be with her. My ego was constantly trying to break free, and push her down and be the fighter that I am and demand my wins and always be on top.
  • She didn't realize that what she considered as her convenience like going to her mountain villa and driving her expensive car, that those were actually the things that put me in the perspective of where I stood in this arrangement. None other but her boy toy. It hurt my ego, but she was like a drug to me. I think I was becoming addicted to her.
  • "Have you ever ride a bike before?" I took her car key and put it inside the kitchen drawer. She was raising her eyebrow at me.
  • "No, because of safety issues..."
  • I started kissing her, and put my hands on her back, making her moaned to my touches.
  • "You can Google it if you don't believe me, but there are more dangerous things than riding a bike. Even the death rate from influenza is way higher than motorcycle accidents. Then there's drug overdose, even sex is more dangerous than riding a bike, the rate of sexually transmitted infections are rising every year. Motorcyclists are getting more aware, and careful with their gear and maintenance. Then there's owning a gun, and I really have to mention reckless driving with people using their phone in the cars. Seriously I could go on and on..." I kept on kissing her and giving her sensual touches.
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