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Chapter 31 Malibu Mafia

  • "Damn it, Max! I thought you said that he was safe..." I could hear her voice but I couldn't open my eyes. My body aches all over, I was probably in a hospital, I could hear the steady beeping of the machine.
  • "We got them, they're dead. You don't need to worry anymore. Nobody messes with Markov. Look, I'm the best surgeon here, he's going to be fine. He's young and he had maintained his healthy lifestyle, his brother will take longer to heal though."
  • Damn, I've got other issues to take care of.
  • I groaned and tried to open my eyes again.
  • "Gary, it's're okay, you're sedated you may hear us but you might have trouble communicating. You need to rest, it's all over. You got Megan here waiting for you. Your brother is also under sedation, his wounds are less worrying than yours, but his body is not used to the beatings. So he might recover longer than you. So just rest my friend, it's done."
  • It felt like I had just woken up from a short nap, but I could finally open my eyes.
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