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Chapter 32 Losing Control

  • It had been five boring days of bed rest. My ass was feeling numbed already, if it wasn't for Megan that sleep by my side every night, I might just let myself die out of boredom.
  • That morning I finally got up and decided to make some coffee for us. She was still sleeping soundly. The in house nurse had been dismissed since my IVs had been taken out days ago. Max still advise me no training until the next two weeks.
  • I was checking my phone while waiting for the coffee to brew, I was replying to all of my inbox and my text messages. And saw one from Kamaria telling me to take all the time that I needed.
  • Then Andrew texted that grandmother was looking for me, she was shocked that nobody told her that we were hospitalized until she heard about me on the news. Apparently, some local TV was covering my accident, as I had just won the regional boxing championship last week. They reported that my brother and I had an encounter with some muggers and we were severely injured.
  • She also texted me, and my so-called dad also called and texted, l had not answered them both. I needed my time. I sighed as I felt her behind me, she was kissing my naked back and wrapped her arms around my body possessively.
  • "Morning baby." I turned around and give her coffee and kissed her hair. I inhale her scent and pulled her closer to me.
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