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Chapter 14 Being There

  • She did stay with me until morning. I stirred for a couple of times but drifted back to sleep when I felt her next to me. I was liking her smell, I never liked vanilla before, but when I smell it on the crook of her neck, I was drifting off to the best sleep I've had in years.
  • "Wake up Gary, we need to get to the clinic." She kissed me making me groaned, as she had also woken up the other part of me. I started stroking my dick, trying to calm myself down.
  • "Megan, this is not how you're supposed to wake me up. I haven't woken up with a woman in my bed in years. I have the hardest boner now. I'm very up now. I need to get it down to...oh my god...oh my fucking god!"
  • She was licking my morning wood. She was taking my bruised knuckles lightly to my sides then told me to keep it there. I was grasping the sheets, she was taking me deeper and sucked me sensually slow over and over again. She took me higher and higher until she told me to let go. And I burst all over her, she was a mess. A fucking hot mess.
  • She cleans herself with my shirt, as she took it off from her body, and leaving her naked for my view. Yup, she slept in nothing but my shirt last night.
  • "Come, Gary, let me help you shower then we will leave for the clinic."
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