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Chapter 30 Drink it all away

  • I took the paper documents and left the table without a word. I was waiting for the taxi when Fred joined me and we ride back together to Barney's. He didn't ask any questions, he was waiting for me. But my mind was on overdrive, I couldn't even start a conversation with him. We parted at Barney's parking lot and said that I'll call him for our next training schedule.
  • "Sure bro, just take your time and call me anytime. I'm here for you. I might have the DJ thing tonight, but I'm yours any hours of the day, just say the words." He hugged me and we parted ways.
  • Then I went back to my place and texted Megan right away.
  • Family stuff, I'm back at mine. Just met dad. I'm sorry I need my time. Love U- Gary.
  • I looked at the time, she would be finish with her Saturday business luncheon in a couple of hours and we're supposed to meet up at hers. I know she would have my back, but I really didn't want to bother her with my issues. She's a busy woman, she has her business to run.
  • My humidor was calling my abused senses, I really need to relax my mind and take a step back and just numbed myself. Maybe then I could think better and find myself a more possible solution. Walking out to the patio, I grabbed myself a bottle of my well-kept whiskey, and with a cigar, on my other hand, I was set for my quiet time.
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