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Chapter 16 Sugary Delights

  • Megan's POV
  • In my drunk state, I decided to get back to Gary's. I was also hiding from Nikolai, just in case he went a bit nutty and came to mine. I knew he would be too cocky, to come and find me at Gary's. Ivan made sure that I arrived safely by following me and handing my drunk ass off to Gary.
  • "I'm good Ivan, you can leave now. Thanks for dropping me off. Hey,, I'm here. I'm hiding from Nikolai. I'm hungry, you got anything to eat? You know what, let's just order in. Would you call Silvio's for me? I don't think I can type in the numbers, my phone got all fuzzy along the way back from the club. I want pizza, and some ice cream....oh Garry, your floor is all wonky, you should get it leveled... "
  • I walked inside his apartment, talking to him non stop, while Gary was looking at me funny. "What? Is there something on my face? ...."
  • "Megan, you're drunk and why would you be hiding from Nikolai? Come here, have a seat. I'll make you some coffee." He tugged his upper lip sweetly as he smirked at me. He was wearing his pajama pants and nothing else.
  • "Yeah I think I'm a bit tipsy, it's all on Olga though. She kept on giving me shots, she always forgets that the rest of us are not Russian and that I easily get drunk. And that I'm a horny drunk, and you look sexy as hell right now." His smile grew wider as I mentioned the last part.
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