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Chapter 25 Knowing My Toy

  • Megan's POV
  • Olga was looking at me, while he was ushering his grandmother outside. "What's his story woman? Spill, I know you already ran a background check on him...." She was hounding me with questions, she had always been there for me as I also had for her. But her questions for Gary was actually the one thing, that I was trying to avoid.
  • "Let's go to the lounge and have some drinks, it'll be easier for your ears if you numbed your senses first," I told Olga, she was giddy already when she heard drinks. It was like offering candy to a kid. She quickly took my hand and pulled me out of my chair. We were giggling like schoolgirls and strutted our way to the lounge.
  • "So, you know I had several guys after I broke up with Nikolai? And I only dated a few before him?" We took a seat at the corner of the lounge for some privacy and started talking after our waiter came back with our champagne.
  • "Well, you know about all the money-hungry guys before Nikolai, that they were using me for easy money. Then there was Nikolai, that cheated on me with his strippers. And then you know about the guys that I dated recently? Well..."
  • "God! Megan...I know you're very adventurous, while I'm the saint one among us. Just spill already..." She was leaning her body forward, as she waited for the juicy part.
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